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We understand that a vehicle purchase or lease is a major investment in your future. EG Assurance offers a full range of finance and insurance products and services to protect your investment for the journey ahead. EG Assurance is here to provide you with the expertise needed to take care of you if something happens to your car along the way.

Vehicle Service Contract (VSC)

Protect Your Drive Experience
EG Assurance's Vehicle Service Contract, or VSC, helps you relax by providing additional coverage on top of the factory warranty. Coverages are available to protect you against unexpected repair costs for covered breakdowns on new and pre-owned vehicles.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

What is GAP?
Guaranteed Asset Protection, or GAP, is designed to protect our customers from financial loss on their vehicle in the event of a total loss.
Understand the 'Gap'
Sometimes accidents occur or a vehicle is stolen. In either situation, our customers may experience a total loss on their vehicle. If this happens to you, an insurance company will only pay for the current market value of the vehicle. However, the current market value of the vehicle may be less than what you owe on the lease or loan. Our Guaranteed Asset Protection product helps cover the 'gap' between what is owed as of the date-of-loss and what the vehicle is worth.

Deductible Payment Plan

Avoid Out-of-Pocket Deductibles
Sometimes events that are out of your control happen such as a collision, resulting in unwanted expenses. Your insurance may pay for the damage, but it won't cover the deductible. EG Assurance's Deductible Payment Plan will provide an amount equal to your insurance deductible* if you are obligated to pay a deductible for a repair. Be confident knowing you will be taken care of in the event this happens.

Key & Remote Replacement

We've Got You Covered
As technology has evolved over time, the cost of replacing a vehicle's key or remote has increased. Replacing a key or remote can be an unexpected and unwanted expense during the ownership experience.
Easy Key & Remote Replacement
This program provides our customers with replacement for a lost, stolen, or destroyed key and/or remote for a covered vehicle. With this Key & Remote Replacement Program, our customers will be eligible for reimbursement for one key and/or remote replacement up to $500 or more for any 12 month period. (See Terms and conditions)

Limited Warranty

Protection You Can Depend On
Limited Warranties are designed to provide customers with protection beyond the factory warranty. If a mechanical breakdown occurs from defects in materials or workmanship, this warranty will cover the repair or replacement of covered parts. Each dealers' Limited Warranty has been designed with varying terms and coverage.

Tire & Wheel Protection

Keep Your Wheels Spinning
EG Assurance's Tire & Wheel Protection provides our customers with repair or replacement of wheels and tires if they become damaged and are unable to hold air due to ordinary road hazards.

Windshield Protection

Restore Your Windshield*
Not all windshield damage requires replacement. Drive peacefully knowing EG Assurance provides our customers with windshield repair for covered windshield damage that happens while on the road. This protection covers chips, bull's eyes, and cracks up to 6 inches on factory-installed windshields.
Enhance Your Windshield
EG Assurance also offers a protective windshield coating that improves the impact and scratch resistance of the windshield glass. This application makes the glass more water-repellant and easier to clean.
*Coverage does not include windshield replacement. See contract for actual terms and conditions. Coverage terms may vary based on the type of vehicle and coverage selected.

Dent & Ding Protection

Refresh Your Vehicle's Appearance
EG Assurance wants you to have a worry-free ownership experience. You can rest easy knowing our Dent & Ding Protection covers dents and dings on a vehicle's body panels caused by normal wear and tear.


Protect Your Vehicle from Theft
EG Assurance has many options to help protect vehicles from being stolen. Anti-Theft products include body panel labels, microscopic dots, and unique numbers etched onto windows.

Appearance Care Protection

Keep Your Vehicle Looking Brand New
EG Assurance provides our customers with a number of Appearance Care products to keep the interior and the exterior of the vehicle looking and feeling new. When applied to the vehicle's interior or exterior surfaces, these products are designed to protect the vehicle from damage to its appearance.

Lease Match

Be Protected From Unexpected Future Loss
EG Assurance's Lease Match program provides customers leasing a vehicle with the comfort of knowing they have coverage to enhance their lease experience. This specialized coverage protects you from unexpected costs due to vehicle breakdown and tire and wheel failures. The coverage also includes roadside assistance as well as routine oil changes during the term of the lease.

Lease Excess Wear & Tear

Drive at Ease
Leasing is a great way to experience driving a new vehicle and we want our customers to enjoy that experience to the fullest. Auto insurance policies primarily cover some types of damage to vehicles, however, they do not cover the wear and tear caused by everyday driving.
Drive Away from Excess Fees
Though some wear and tear is normal and expected, it is often out of your control and may generate unwanted fees at the end of the lease term. Lease Excess Wear & Tear Protection provides our customers with the added benefit of knowing they are protected against excess wear and tear fees caused by everyday driving.